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    Hi there..thought I'd show off a rifle that I've been after for quite a while. It's a Ross M1905/MkII. It is not US marked, (very unusual to see here) It's not in perfect order, but it has a great bore and will be a good shooter. I have this one posted over at Milsurps as well, just wanted a wider audience to help decipher some of the stock markings if possible. I'm guessing CC is Cadet Corps? Doesn't appear to have a roundel, and looks as though something was attached to the left of the butt. I've really become fascinated with these rifles as of late, now on the lookout for a Model 1910! Thanks for looking.
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    Stock markings indicate it is a Mark II 5 star model. The rear sight may be commercial or it might be the reason the rifle was marked as a 5 star. I have no idea as to the two "screws/pins" in the buttstock.

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    Very nice. So many Ross rifles were cut down post-war, finding an example in full wood is getting harder and harder. The rear "Sutherland" sight is correct for a 5* Ross Mk II. I am as mystified as Breakeyp as to what the purpose of the pins might be.

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