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    I have been photographing a number of items for sale recently and noticed a connection between two seemingly unrelated items. I have some FN produced (my belief) parts for Yugoslavia for the initial contract of 1924 rifles. I also have been looking at a bunch of Mexican Mauser bolts. Both exhibit a circle V marking. Could be completely coincidence.

    Does anyone know, did FN do a contract run of bolts for Mexico? These bolts are the 1936 style with the gas vent cut at the top of the bolt face.

    Vanderlinden mentioned that Mexico had manufacturing capacity, but it was VERY slow. Mexico purchased from FN as the need was immediate. I wondered if maybe they also purchased parts/spares for their 1902/1910/1936 rifles?

    First picture is of a 1936 bolt, I have several I can take pictures of if anyone would like. Second picture is of a Yugoslavian 1924 bottom metal that I believe would have been manufactured by FN for the first 100,000 rifles made prior to start of domestic production. The floor plate has the same circle V marking.

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    I suspect that your circle V markings are just similar markings that happened to be used by both FN and Mexico.
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