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    I've recently acquired three M39s. Been firing one after cleaning for several months and just now getting around to cleaning the other two. Cleaned a second up and I've noticed I couldn't get the pin protrusion set right no matter what I did.

    Finally decided to compare the bolt and its firing pin to others I have (I also have a M91, M38, and M44). Five of them were consistent yet the firing pin I'm having trouble with looks different and is significantly shorter considering the tolerances we're dealing with.

    Attached are some pictures. The pin on the left (or bottom) is shorter and skinnier at the tip. It doesn't appear broken or filed but I'm no expert. I was under the belief that all of the Mosin flavors used interchangeable parts in the bolts. Perhaps this isn't the case or this firing pin is out of something else???

    Any advice would be appreciated. Options to get a working bolt?

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    Looks like the bottom firing pin is the victim of over-zealous polishing. Get a different firing pin. E-bay has lots of them.

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    Could that be a kiv/27-66 firing pin? What says Mr. M-Bear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CH View Post
    Could that be a kiv/27-66 firing pin? What says Mr. M-Bear?
    Indeed, kiv/27-66 has also a firing pin in which a tip is worked thinner to accommodate smaller inlet diameter of modified m/27-66 bolt head. Another feature which is not able to be seen from the OP's pic, and belong to m/27-66 firing pin, is a longitudinal V-groove cut (located 6 o'clock in cross-sectional view) machined lenghtwise into pin body.

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