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    Why are the Spanish carbines, as produced by Ludwig Loewe with 'Model 1893' written on their receivers, known as the Model 1895? It is wrong to colloquially call them 1893 carbines instead of 1895?

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    The Spanish designation was Model 1895...

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    Yes, the Spanish designation was supposedly Model 1895, which is confusing in itself because the Mauser Model 1895 is a different animal, with a round-faced bolt and "wings" on the receiver tang. The Spanish carbines are essentially a shorter Model 1893; the action is the same. To make things even more confusing, the receiver rails of the German made Spanish Mausers show different years, e.g. "Mauser Espanol Modelo 1896". There are many pedantic souls on this and other forums who will correct you if you refer to the "wrong" model number.

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    John Wall said on page 437, section 8 of MMROTW 5th Edition that all Loewe made 1893 type Spanish carbines were marked "Modelo 1893", the same as the long rifles. All of the excellent Mauser tables in MMROTW came from John Wall. The Spanish designation was M1895 for both the Loewe made carbines and Spanish made.

    This is similar to the 1893 type carbines and long rifles that Brazil designated M1894 and the 1893 type long rifles that Uruguay designated M1895.

    The 1893 type long rifles made for OVS and long rifles & carbines made for ZAR (including those which were sold to Chile) were variously marked with no year or "Mod. Mauser 1895, 1896, or 1897".

    Then there are Swedish M1894 carbines and M1896 long rifles which are basically 1893 type design.

    The Chilean M1895 long rifles, short rifles, and carbines were of course a different design receiver from the earlier M1893 and 1893 type Mausers.
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