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    Default M28 ski trooper restoration

    I bought a ski trooper stock a few weeks ago. I was offered it on a thread about another ski trooper I had bought and I can't resist buying a rare stock. The very next day a ski trooper barrelled action came up for auction on gunbroker. I had to bid on it. It was 180 shipped but it's not something you see every day. I knew I had the majority of what I needed to rebuilt the whole rifle already (stock, cleaning rod, nosecap, front sight, bolt, ejector/interupter, magazine, action screws, and trigger parts ) and the only further parts I needed were a handguard and rear barrel band. I won the auction http://www.gunbroker.com/item/625428782 and then came across someone with the handguard and barrel band and yesterday I put it all together. It is a complete mutt but it does have 100 percent Finnish/correct parts except the aftermarket trigger return spring (I bought an m28 trigger on ebay for 12 shipped but no spring with it). It had a serial of 965 which puts it in the correct ski trooper range. I spent more on the parts than the finished product was worth probably, but I am happy with it.
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    -stock extraordinaire

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    Nice low sn#. Turned out real nice though. I have done two so called restorations. A 28/30 and a 1935 M27. Both turned out great but finding the stock was not easy or cheap. If your gonna make a profit your going to need to fall into the parts or collected them over the years when things were more available and cheaper. I think your M28 is and turned out really nice. You didn't restore it with a war time 91/30 stock. Great job. But this is why I try to shy from restorations. I need a M91 stock to undo Bubba on a 1899 Tula. If and when I am done it might of been cheaper to buy one whole and complete? Again, nice work.

    I find these situations rather odd. On one hand we often obsess about changing anything including grease and cosmoline, to much cleaning? Or replacing broken parts, finish, screws, triggers after all we all would like to be "purists"? But in a case like this a fairly rare rifle is put back together with correct Finnish parts. Both perspectives have truth and correctness about them? Right or wrong I like the finished product here. Congrats, John.

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    Good job, looks great!

    I have a Ski stock that looked great on ebay, but when I got it back, looks a little shiny and scrubbed a bit....figured I would get an appropriate barreled action and complete it just like you did. So far have not found a barreled action that would be correct.....but while waiting - bought off funbroker from a long time member here, a real nice ski stocked M28 with a rare adjustable sight, stock has a busted off toe which I am seeking a nice walnut replacement piece I can glue and dowel on....might take me a while and I so do regret not buying a sportered Remington Mosin Nagant or two I have come across over the years.....just for the spare parts.

    I could care less about the money involved in these projects, it takes away nothing in the long run, you do such things because you care about them and enjoy the journey you take completing them.

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    Good job on an impossible projecd!


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    Congrats and glad I got you together with my spare stock. Quite a cool coincidence that the rare action turned up for it.

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    Looks great ubersailer. The project came together well and very fast. Good job! Denny

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    Projects like this are usually dead ends but when you see the light at the end of the tunnel it sure is a great feeling! Congrats it looks great! Bill
    zeebill live from the hills of West Virginia!

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