Interesting M91 rear sight leaf with peep
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Thread: Interesting M91 rear sight leaf with peep

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    Default Interesting M91 rear sight leaf with peep

    Hi everyone,
    I received this sight leaf in a group of parts. I assume it was done stateside, but I thought I would ask.

    I don't see any apparent welding/brazing marks, it has even patina and no stamps of any kind. Any thoughts?


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    Yeah that's a later modification. I saw one for the m/27 that replaced the v notch plate and was a straight swap that was pretty cool.
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    Wow that is very interesting! Would like to see how they did it haha. Don't see anything as you mentioned to how it's fastened there? I wouldn't mind trying that thing out on a M91 or Dragoon!

    Always looking for interesting Imperial Mosins! Antique M91s, 91/38s and Imperial dated Nagant revolvers. PM me if you may have one you may be looking to trade/sell.

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