Re-snipered Izhevsk with accounts base, mount and scope
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Thread: Re-snipered Izhevsk with accounts base, mount and scope

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    Default Re-snipered Izhevsk with accounts base, mount and scope

    I got this rifle from the Trader about 6 yrs ago and the accumounts goodies shortly after.
    Took me almost 7 years to finally get her up and running.
    Now I know why milprileb swears by this set up.
    He also gave me (taught me) the basics of setting up the scope.
    It's simple, effective and lots of fun.
    The hard part is the coarse zero you do with the elevation screws on the mount and the grinding of the mount for proper windage.
    After that it's all fun and games.
    Zeroed her and took her out to 100 yards to confirm.
    I used Yugo heavy balll and a round that seems to have a lacquered case and a silver tip (Chinese?).
    I know she shoots great cause my 3 shots at 25 yards were almost touching and my 100 yard paper targets were acceptable.
    Those paper plate sized AR100 steel plates didn't stand a chance at 100yards.
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    25 yard group.

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    100 yard group using Yugo heavy ball.

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    100 yard group using the lacquered steel case silver tip

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    Finally my Dad and I profiling with the old war horse.
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    HM3 Jaime Ferrer USN
    NOSC Earle

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    Jaime, good to see this. When you start reloading , I got the winning load that will take you to 1000 yds. As surplus ammo dries up (spam cans of it are scarce to find already), you'll be faced with reloading as the best way for ammo and it will provide the most accurate ammo as well. Your results with surplus show the rifle has accuracy in it but remember better ammo flies better.

    The PU sniper has increased in costs now and a restored one as yours is valued more than the sum of the parts...this was not the case when I restored an ex PU, in that era a few years ago there was enough real PU's for sale at low prices and by the time you built one, it cost you pennies less than a real one. Today PU are not as common to find for sale and they are in the $800 region and a fine restoration will easily bring in $550 on resale market. That will only climb as PU's climb in value if the restoration is done with top condition original parts.

    Orignial Russian PU scopes and mounts are getting harder to find and that won't change. Building a restoration / reproduction today is far tougher than 5 yrs ago. Like any WWII sniper scope, the supply is finite and vanishing.

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