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    2017 is the centennial year of Finnish independence. To commemorate this important date, Marttiini of Finland, a puukko maker, is releasing three very unique puukkos with bronze, silver, and gold accents. Just like the first group buy, I am offering to facilitate an arrangement where we could get these with a slight discount and USPS trackable shipping on my end. I don't think that we will be asking for custom stamps etc, as these are unique enough. The blades are serialized already. Below is the link. I am not sure what the discount will be, but there will be one based on the number interested.

    Bronze: 149 euro
    Silver: 399.00 euro
    Gold Damascus- not going to bother with this one
    "Marttiini celebrates Finlandís 100 years of independence with a Finland 100th Anniversary Knife. The knifeís handles are made of gorgeous Finnish curly birch and are fitted with jewelry-grade Finland 100 custom ferrules. The knives are available with bronze, silver and gold ferrules. Each knife has it unique serial number, and the Finland 100th Anniversary knives will be produced only during the year 2017."

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    Interested in the bronze for sure.

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    Interested in the bronze.
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