I've been going to this show for years, and normally I can find something interesting to take home, but this year I left things on the racks.

In the "almost" category were a Stevens Model 75 and a Remington Model 12, $300 each with honest wear and needed some cleaning. Also saw a an interesting but sad old competition rifle: It was made from an Mauser 98 German military action and had a bull barrel for $150, but it was chromed and the chrome was rusty; and the homemade stock looks like it was made by beavers and then left in someone's garage for decades.

The expensive one I almost bit on was a Remington Model 37 dated 1947 that was gorgeous, no sights but all the mounting blocks, one magazine and a single-loader, $800. Gunbroker had two, one in similar condition thats around half that, and one that can't sell for $900. I'm guessing its gonna go home with the seller.


As far as asking prices go, they were pretty nuts. I could not find a single Winchester 1890, 1906, 61, 63, or anything else Winchester in .22 for under a grand, most looked brand-new/restored though. Ditto for Marlin 1897s (thought the 39s were all about $700 to a grand); though a saw a couple later autoloaders for reasonable that I saw last year (seller was a bit of a jerk to me). Lots of older single-shot boys rifles from all manufacturers out there, didn't really get prices. Saw an SMLE conversion from a very early model to a No 2 Mk IV Trainer for $1300. No Swiss .22s this year.

Its still a great show to see stuff and walk around, but its getting harder for me to find good stuff there in terms of rimfires.