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    Guy has one of these, says it's worth $4500 new. It has a Caspian frame. Is that right? He wants $1000 . Don't know a thing about these so Amy info helps. Thanks B

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    I know nothing about these pistols. Never heard of such until your Thread here. Assume you've done your due diligence on the Internet. Noted they have a Website and perused it. Also you might want to have a look at this Google search page below. I note that they do offer components to build up 1911 type pistols and comments concerning this route, suggesting time and expertise. Don't think I'd want to buy such unless proof of factory built complete pistol which isn't the one you're considering. Apparently only frame "Caspian" Beyond...? Perhaps not buying into anyone else's personal build and supplying unknown components. Perhaps buying a 'Rube Goldberg creation! I'd pass!
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