Note: I am not in any way associated or compensated by Polymer80. I have paid full price for all of their products.

The pistol shown in the photos above has left me at a loss for words. The simplicity of design as well as the rugged functionality is exactly what the fourth generation of Glocks should have been. I have a CZ P10c, an HK VP9, a Sig P320 and a Ruger R51 to choose from in my Polymer-Striker collection and this 80% frame feels better in the hand than any of these pistols.

THE WORK: I've built 80% guns. I have 2 80% 5.56 builds, an 80% 308, an 80% 1911, an almost done 80% P229 and the full size PF940. This is NOT an 80% frame. By comparison, I'd say 95% is more than fair. There is so little milling involved in this frame that I can't believe it doesn't require paperwork. 20 minutes with a Dremmel (sanding wheel) and a hand drill and it is ready to accept a parts kit and will be 100% functional. Me, I took an extra hour wet sanding the milling to erase the dull milling marks and make it looks as factory as possible. An OEM parts kit from Lone Wolf can be installed in minutes.

Features and Comparisons to the PF940: The PF940c is not aptly named in this shooter's opinion. This frame is a completely different animal than its blocky, thick, cumbersome, ugly (probably adopted) older brother. The 940c screams custom while the full size only screams GHOST GUN. It does keep the 1911 grip angle, but the similarities end there.

Polymer80's compact frame, like the full size, does also have a flared mag well but I would call it more of a bevel than a flare despite angling outward at 30 degrees for a quarter inch.
The texturing is better than any polymer frame I've come across yet. It is aggressive but not abraisive and more professional looking than any custom job I've ever seen in person...or online for that matter.
They have changed the trigger guard from their full sized experimental design that eliminated compatibility with Glock holsters to a textured, double-undercut version of the Glock trigger guard. Compact Glock holsters are completely compatible with this frame. Even my serpa works.
They have even included Agency Arms style "accelerator cuts" into this frame. People pay hundreds of dollars for these modifications and they seldom look half as good.

Performance: Magazines that drop free in my Glock 23 fit in really tight. They don't drop free even unloaded with heavy base plates. I'm not sure if this will work itself out or not, but it isn't very important to me.
I brought 300 rounds of Freedom Munitions 180 FMJ remans with me to the range. The first two magazines got me very concerned. I had 8 malfunctions in 27 rounds: 2 stove pipes, 1 double feed and 5 failed to go back into battery. Now, I was running it dry so I shouldn't have been know..Glock. Anyways, I field stripped and lubed it up and went to town. Not a single hiccup in the 273 rounds that followed the lube job. I'll take it.

Conclusion: The lack of marketing of this fame is insane to me. But if and when they do advertise it, they are going to do so as an 80% frame. That's a mistake. The 80% part is a benefit but not the best benefit. Instead of sending your (MSRP $200) Glock frame to ZEV for stippling/cuts/grip reduction for $250 more PLUS the FFL transfer fees either way, why not save yourself $150 plus shipping and order the PF940c and sell your Glock frame to come out even or ahead?
I have never met anyone who prefers the Glock texturing or grip angle to any other option, but this is not just any other option. A $300 used Glock 19, this frame and a $75 fully adjustable trigger from Lone Wolf gives you a gun that can't be best in the current striker-fired market for $200 less than the MSRP of the vastly overrated VP9 and will last forever. I cannot encourage you enough to buy this product.

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