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    Default Cleaning up Remington M91

    Just want to share some pics of marking after cleaning up an auction win, she arrived with quite the water damage to the buttplate and stock. Other than that bore looks to be great. I decided to do a total striping of the wood since the butt was not just a touch-up type scenario. The cross bolt had some interesting stamps, as did the top of the buttplate.

    Found a paper folded in the rear sight, a Finnish receipt of some type, here is a rough translation:

    Nimike: Title or label
    Kortti: License or permit
    Laskettu: Delivery date

    I just really dig the interesting or curiously mysterious stamping on these old gals. Thanks for looking...

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    Nice rifle. Don't strip it, just sell it to me instead! Been on a Remington kick lately. Thanks for sharing and am serious too. Regards, John.

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    I'd leave it too. That's a good looking stock with a TON of character. Too bad about the water damage at the butt, but still a good looking stock!

    Always looking for interesting Imperial Mosins! Antique M91s, 91/38s and Imperial dated Nagant revolvers. PM me if you may have one you may be looking to trade/sell.

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