1921 Tula at a gun show
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    Default 1921 Tula at a gun show

    It was totally unexpected, but today I picked up a 1921 PCCP-marked Nagant at a gun show.

    In my defense, the seller 'snuck up' on me. I stopped by his table to buy some Serbian 7.62X39 ammunition he had and when he found I was a milsurp collector, he reached under his table and asked me if I would be interested in THIS.

    Like I mentioned, it is a 1921-dated PCCP-marked 1895 Nagant. All numbers match. Refurbed and a CAI import, but at least the billboard on this one is smaller than most I have seen and other than the serial number the mark all fits horizontally above and behind the cylinder latch spring on the right side.

    We settled on $200. I probably could have bought it for less, but I wanted to be at least halfway fair.

    It was pretty heavily scrubbed during the refurb process (the bottom third of the 9 and the 2 in the 1921 aren't there anymore). Standard brown wood refurb grips.

    The top of the front sight base appears to be a lot wider than the bases you usually see on refurb barrels and there aren't the usual maker's marks on the sides of the base. I figure it is just possible that this barrel was not replaced during the refurb. The bore is sharp and shiny, though.

    The hammer spur is straighter than on my other nagants and the checkering leaves a definite V of uncheckered metal on the front end of the hammer spur. The only mark that survives on the hammer is what looks to be either a 5 or a Б on the right side.

    My determination that this is Tula manufacture comes from the observation that there is still a hammer visible on the serial number-matching triggerguard, and a three letter abbreviation in the 'football'.

    Oh, and it came with one of the standard pebble-grain holsters. No tools or cleaning rod. The holster needs a bit of work because the brass stud for the strap that holds the ammo pocket closed is missing.

    One question: Does anybody have a complete translation for the four-word abbreviated phrase in the 'football' marking on the sideplate?

    It reads "Пер.Тул.Ор.Зав". I figure the Тул stands for Tula, but the rest is Greek (or Russian, just as bad) to me.

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    Sounds like you got an excellent deal,1921-1923 are some of my favorite years, very hard to find, and you probably realize it is really marked RSFSR even though it does indeed look like PCCP. Any pictures?

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