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    Default German 71/84 Unit Mark

    Picked up a nice 71/84 last week and was trying to translate the unit marking on top of buttplate.
    It is in two lines:


    Closest I can come up with is K-something Artillery Regt., Ersatz company 3, #94, but
    that's just a guess.

    Anyone have a better idea?


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    Kaiser Alexander Regiment. Napoleon beat the pants off the Prussians in 1806 and they reorganized their army with six grenadier battalions left. After Napoleon was defeated in 1814-ish the Prussian King Frederick William formed his grenadiers into two regiments named Kaiser Alexander and Kaiser Franz in honor of the two emperors (Russia and Austria) who fought with him to defeat Napoleon. I believe the regiments were part of the German Guards Corps by the time the 71/84 was adopted.
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    What David said.

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