Extraction issue , how to fix ?
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Thread: Extraction issue , how to fix ?

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    Default Extraction issue , how to fix ?

    I have a rifle that will not extract the spent round and hold it to the bolt face , it doesn't reach the ejector to properly be ejected . the dummy rounds I made up cycle perfectly , but spent brass fall of the bolt face as soon as spent shell exist chamber .this happens no matter if I change out the bolt head that works perfect in all repects in another rifle ? is there a fix for this or just live with it .

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    That shouldn't happen with a bolt head from another rifle if it works just fine in it. Have you tried using another complete bolt from another rifle, not just the bolt head? And also swapping that bolt head and using it in another rifle too? Have some pics?

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    If it does it with a different (and decent condition) extractor then the only thing that comes to me is perhaps the chamber is funky/out of round and the cases are getting fire formed into a shape that the claw can't grab?
    Almost a 'it don't make sense" problem..

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