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Thread: Old Springfield 410 shotgun/ SOLD

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    Default Old Springfield 410 shotgun/ SOLD

    This is another really nice shotgun out of Personal collection

    A Springfield Model 1929 single shot 410 shotgun
    Made in Chicopee Falls Mass.

    Really Great condition for it's age
    The barrel is nice and clean and shiney / NO pits or rust
    The wood has excellent grain and color
    A Classic old shotgun that has spent Many years packed away in the safe

    The barrel lenght is 26 inches
    The overall lenght is 41and 1/4 inches

    PRICE ::$ 130.00 Plus shipping and copy of your C + R lic.

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    Default Springfield 410

    I believe I have the same model as you. It was passed down to me by my father, and I've been looking everywhere for more information about its history. I was wondering if you could direct me towards any info, or if you know more about it.

    Thanks Josh

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    ill take it pm sent
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    jdempler, these were made by Stevens. They were marketed by many different names: the most common were "Springfield Arms Co." and "Eastern Arms Co." They came in many different guages, but I've only handled a couple of .410s, a 20, and a 12, and a .44XL Shot. I have one essentially identical to this one that is for sale here. Mine has a 2 1/2" chamber but I've shot a "Eastern Arms" .410 that had a 3" chamber (may have been a couple of years younger) and seen another that was also 3". Mine does not have a half-cock or "safety" notch on the hammer, but does have a rebounding hammer so it is safe to carry with a shell chambered and the hammer down. NOT safe to carry cocked!

    A very neat little gun; cottontail medicine for sure!

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    PM sent
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    Default redneck

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