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    frown Pw arms repo pu sniper

    Just got a PW ARMS pu sniper built on 39 Tula receiver not ex sniper on trade for roughly $400.Rifle has real mounting plate and scope mount but the usual repop scope that they put on them.Bore is good and is not counterbored.Seems to be good shooter.Question is do I turn around and sell or hold on too?

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    If it shoots well enjoy it.
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    I'd say you got it for just under what a repro is worth, so if you were looking for a shooter you may as well hold on to it.

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    A collector is worth what the market will bear, a shooter is worth what your enjoyment is worth while shooting it.

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    Why trade for it if you didn't want it?

    Decent repro PUs sold for $499 at Big Five a few years back and usually shoot pretty well, so have fun.

    Just clean it well after corrosive ammo.
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    I picked up one of those repro PU snipers 'new in the box' from a dealer's table at a gun show about six years ago for $399.

    The dealer had three of them to sell and allowed me a lot of leeway during my inspections of all three rifles. I picked the one I deemed to have the nicest bore.

    $399 was well 'below retail' for them at the time so I figure I couldn't really lose much.

    I used it to experiment with accurizing the rifle (It got shims, free floated the barrel, barrel wrap, etc.). This is something I wouldn't even dream of trying to do with an original PU, and I learned a lot doing it.

    This rifle now shoots REALLY tight groups when I feed it good ammunition and I do my part. PU performance at a bargain basement price.

    Enjoy it. You might also use it as a learning experience, as I did.

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