Apex gun parts sucks
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Thread: Apex gun parts sucks

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    Default Apex gun parts sucks

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    I wasn't especially happy with what I received in my last order from them either.
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    I bought a MK IV Webly hammer from them and they sent me a Enfield No 2 hammer, but it was a much rarer hammer part, worth a wee bit more.

    I then reordered the Webly hammer (complete assembly) and they sent it, but incomplete.

    I called and they sent me the missing bits, at least the ones I needed.

    Here is what is occurring, in my humble opinion: The packing/sorting warehouse guys are not gun nuts, they are low paid general labor. They are paid to fill orders quickly , not precisely or with any level of quality control. If they could get gun guys, not knuckle-dragging microcephaly types they could avoid this, but it seems such folks want more challenging positions.

    This is not new. Sarco on the east coast sent me crap parts that should have been scrapped in 1983 and from that time until the Sterling store closed I would not order form them, but drive to the store for whatever I needed, as otherwise you ran the risk of crap parts. The same was true, to a lesser degree of Nurmrich and the best of the lot was Springfield sporters, until they got their new web site when crap parts started coming out, such as rusted through buttplates. Springfield Sporters used to be unique in that they actually sorted their parts, so you did not get a rusted bit of crap.

    The reality is at this late date, most of what the parts vendors have is actual junk parts sold for scrap metal value, with a small residue of obsolete parts from old import lots from bolt action rifles. For a period of time we were spoiled by the downsizing of eastern block nations after the end of the cold war, especially the reduction in arms in the formal Yugoslavia and East german stocks being eliminated, but now 25 years later most of that mother lode is gone.

    RTG inc, if they have the parts, sells only like new parts in my experience. But they charge more. Apex might charge less, but the parts can be pretty doggy at times. That is the reality.

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    "I talked to Sam who said he will send me another one where he will go personaly get one for me and make sure it is all good. I asked if he could sent me a photo of the rods that he will send me because I don't want to go trough this again. Minutes later I receive the email that they will refund me $12 and no longer do business with me. "

    Asking for a photo prior to shipment is unreasonable. That caused someone to look at your history and decide that you were more trouble than it was worth to them.

    I am not saying that you did not receive bad parts multiple times - but all you can reasonably expect is for them to make it right after the fact, not to take extra steps to give you special treatment before shipment - Sam did say
    he would send another one after he would go personally get one for you and make sure it was all good. Your asking for photos on top of that was way out of line, like spitting in Sam's face. As a business owner, I know that some unreasonable customers are better run off.
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