9mm Luger brass trimmed to 9mm Mak
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Thread: 9mm Luger brass trimmed to 9mm Mak

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    Default 9mm Luger brass trimmed to 9mm Mak

    First, I am neither encouraging nor discouraging the use of trimmed 9mm Luger brass for use as 9mm Makarov.

    But I have a bunch that I got from the estate of a very experienced and respected reloader who recently passed. Most are new that he had trimmed and some he had already belled the mouth for the slightly larger bullet.

    I desire only to gauge interest and learn if this is a common and accepted practice. If there is any, I will list for sale or trade in the appropriate swap section, otherwise it goes to the metal recycler (cuz I don't have a Mak but would surely like one).

    Comments welcome.


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    I am a 9X18 shooter and just recently a reloader but I only reload 9X18 brass because I shoot at a public range. Many people do trim 9mm for 9X18 but I wouldn't want to shoot it at a public range where an unsuspecting person might pick it up and reload 9mm on it because of the label. If you shoot it on your private land I don't think it's a problem at all.

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    I've done this extensively with no problem. I mark the base of the cartridge with a red marker and do my best to keep track of my cartridges.
    Flyer35 does have a point about leaving modified brass laying around. That, and for my own ID I do the red marker bit. There's enough commercial boxer brass cartridges available now that I would probably not trim any new brass though.

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    Anybody who reloads should always check thier brass regardless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2muchstuff View Post
    Anybody who reloads should always check their brass regardless.
    Agreed, once 9luger is converted to 9mak, its a very different case. Case gauge or caliper tells the tale.
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    I have done it with a handful of 9x19 cases just to see if it works as well as others on the net have said it does. It does. I had zero issues. But I have over 1000 pieces of good 9x18 brass and I shoot way more .45 and 9x19 than I do 9x18 so for now, I have not trimmed any more for this purpose. If 9x18 brass ever dries up drastically and starts selling for even more ridiculous prices than it already does, I will certainly start using 9x19 brass.

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