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    Timeline: 2002 September 5, 2002, 09:44 PM

    Timeline: 5 September 2002, 15 years ago,

    "It is starting to look like the long awaited 10,000 Maks will be available soon. A month ago, they were still in Bulgaria according to the importer. I saw posting on 2 other forums today that Century Arms is expecting some this month. The importer, PW Arms, supplies them and other dealers like J&G Sales, SOG, etc.

    Read up about them in the meantime:"

    So is this PW history true? 2002 saw 10,000 Maks arrive. And they're still selling them from that shipment? Would it take that long to sell 10k brand new Bulgy Maks? Seems like they're not about to run out of them anytime soon when I made one of my calls to SOG. Pretty sure my logbook makes a reference to 2002 as well.
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    I forget how long ago that SOG started offering the "new" ones with the logbook. 2 years ago possibly? If they had been in country since 2002, who had them before SOG got them?

    I wouldn't think they would be in country for that long and stored away in large quantities, but who knows.

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    Hello. The log books will show dates for preservation, repairs and fitness for combat. The dates I have seen are well past 2002. Cheers, ABTOMAT

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