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    Can someone help me date this rubi revolver since I found out after like a hundred shots with 38 special that it 's a 38 largo! Went back with the gun an the dealer says he was sure it was a 38 special and the previous owner shot 38 special all the time! The 38 special I used has 380 ME and the 38 long about 220 if I'm right and may compare the 38 largo with 38 long. Found a rubY in one of my books that looks a lot like mine but is rubi and ruby the same and this gun would be dated around 1950-60? Would it be safe to shoot 38 special wadcutter (about 180 ME) since I already shot about a hundred 38 specials of 380 ME? The markings say ; Rubiertra m.r. industria argentina, establamentes ventrini s.a cal 38 largo, acers de alta pesistensia.
    thx a lot
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    Interesting - it is an Argentinian made revolver, and most guns I have seen that are marked "38 Largo" are manufactured for black powder loadings of the 38 long cartridge.

    Frankly, I wouldn't fire any more than very light target loads in this gun.
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    ok sorry for my Ingles, i´m from Argentina and this revolver is a 38 special or 38 largo, in my country 38 largo or special is the same thing. only don´t fire 38 + p in this gun, my father got one of this and no problem never with this gun.
    In EEUU i know exist a caliber call 38 long colt, this is the confusion but not is the same caliber. This gun is made from 1960 to 1990.
    I hope understand my bery bad english.

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    No need to apologize. Your English is better than most of our Spanish. Welcome to the forum.

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    Cartridge dimensions for 38 Long Colt and 38 Special are similar, but the loadings aren't. That said, if what we in the USA know as the 38 S&W Special, a round developed around the turn of the last cetury, is known as 38 Largo in Argentina, and you have an Argentine revolver marked for that, and manufactured as recently as the 1950s, i would have no hesitancey in shooting 38 Special under the following conditions:

    1. Th gun itself is in good order;
    2. You do NOT use +P ammunition;
    3. You use primarily lead bullet loads.

    Ruby and Rubi are NOT the same. "Ruby" is associated primarily with 7.65 autos made during and after WWI, initially for the French military, and then for the Italians and commercial sale. All Spanish make, by several makers in the Eibar region, but mainly associated with Gabilondo. There are also Spanish revolvers trade-named Ruby.

    "Rubi" appears to be associated with Argentine arms, in the 1950s (the only listing in Pistols of the World is for a Galesi-made 6.35 automatic sold by Establicimentos Venturini of Argentina).
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ok here a publicity of Rubi - extra, establecimientos venturini, in this link talk about this gun´s, está en español.

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