SVT-40 Mag SxS comparison to AVS-36 Mag
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Thread: SVT-40 Mag SxS comparison to AVS-36 Mag

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    Default SVT-40 Mag SxS comparison to AVS-36 Mag

    As I searched for an original AVS-36 mag for my rifle I looked for good pictures for converting a SVT-40 mag to fit my AVS.
    There were not many good shots out there. As I was able to snag an original 5 round AVS mag off gun broker a couple weeks ago (yea!).
    I thought I would share.
    Have a great Easter week end.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20170413_170111_resized.jpg   20170413_170114_resized.jpg   20170413_171557_resized.jpg   20170413_171908_resized.jpg   20170413_165941_resized.jpg   20170413_165949_resized.jpg  

    20170413_170000_resized.jpg   20170413_170020_resized.jpg   20170413_170027_resized.jpg   20170413_170043_resized.jpg   20170413_170048_resized.jpg   20170413_170050_resized.jpg  

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    3 more shots. The shorter mag is the AVS-36 the longer on is the SVT-40 for those that are wondering.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20170413_171840_resized (1).jpg   20170413_171751_resized.jpg   20170413_171636_resized.jpg  

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    Interesting, and it shows conversion would not really be possible due to the different bolt hold open configurations. Sometimes you look at a firearm and have to wonder what the hell the designers were thinking.

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