M39 VKT 1942 with 60K serial number? Insights?
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Thread: M39 VKT 1942 with 60K serial number? Insights?

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    Default M39 VKT 1942 with 60K serial number? Insights?

    A friend recently acquired a M39 VKT with a receiver date of 1942 and serial number of 60125. Seems to be a high serial number for that date? Doug Bowser's Rifles of the White Death has a VKT 1942 listed as 57798 and 1944s listed with 58060 & 61272. The underside of the barrel seems to have a Tikka mark, is it? Also it appears to have silver soldering (pic 3), insight?

    Some of this was attempted at posting in another thread at another's request. Don't want to hijack that thread and the attachments never worked so started a fresh thread here.

    Appreciate any input.

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    Might be a new high S/N. Check out this thread with S/N compilations by Ole Fred. I don't think the stamp on the underside is a Tikka Stamp. Denny


    The tread is located in the Mosin sticky section.

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    Solder under the rear sight rings is normal. That is how they are retained. The alloy is tin/lead 50/50.

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    Not a Tikka stamp. I have several that are on 91/30 B barrels and such. It was explained to me as a similar looking inspection stamping. Some of the information in Bowsers books has been passed up by time and newer information sources. The internet when taken from reliable known sources is the most up to date and generally accurate source of information. Much as I love good reliable reference books they are generally out of date when they are printed. Tis a shame but it is the world we live in I guess? Bill
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    As you can see in Fred's spreadsheet - there is overlap in the serials in late 42-44. There are 44s as low as 54k and 42s as high as 60k. This is complicated by the fact that only a handful of VKT43s were made in 1943. One of the rarest of M39s you could possibly find! Must have been some sitting around and not made in order.

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