K98k yugo sniper restore.
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Thread: K98k yugo sniper restore.

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    Default K98k yugo sniper restore.

    So i got this rifle a while back that appeared to have been originally drilled and tapped by the yugo's for m76 style optics. Imported by century arms with fill screws that matched the finish perfectly along with the holes for the mounts i got. Anybody know what a ballpark value on something like this would be? (also threw in a family photo of all my yugo collection so far.)

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    Nice rifle,

    The fact that it had fillers in the holes when you acquired it gives me pause. Unless there is a invoice or receipt from Century or the distributor that states it was D&T'd when imported (the only provenance these have) it is worth the price of a comparable rifle plus the mounts and scope.
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    This is very much true because the whole spacing for the Zrak mounts are every day typical WEAVER whole spacing for the bases when you tap a Mauser, not hard and been done a million times over the last 70 years. Zrak screws are EVEN 6x48 which is standard USA gunsmith threads not some METRIC odd ball to check the holes was easy to fake such things. Its hard to see but looks like the rear base needs altering for the bolt to clear currently maybe its just the angle of the pics.

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