What sling does this M95 carbine need?
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Thread: What sling does this M95 carbine need?

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    Default What sling does this M95 carbine need?

    I've had this carbine for a few years now. One of my first milsurps no less. I've NEVER been able to find a proper sling for it, I've had to settle for a spare SKS sling with the small leather loops. None of these so called M95 slings work with it.

    I don't know much about it to be honest, I'm posting the rest of the pictures to aid identification, as it seems to be stuck between models.
    Serials match on everything, bolt is stamped matching to the gun, front band has the last two digits. I think it was made in 1916, but the marking is rather worn.
    My main issue is the front and rear band are too small for the sling to sit flat, best i could do was a sling taco. The stock is number matched to the rifle (Theres faint markings of two other serials on either side of the stock, though the stock doesn't look heavily sanded.) Two small numbers are above the buttplate, as well as a small 'X' on the top of the wrist.

    One of the slings is the surplus little hook style, the tan leather one was a repro i ordered from a guy in Czechoslovakia.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Bulgarian rework.
    Complete parts gun. Not even the barrel and receiver are original to each other.
    Barrel is 1916 dated.
    The barrel is not from a cut down long rifle. It is from a stutzen or a carbine.
    The 'correct' sling for this would be a Bulgarian sling. Leather or web, loop on one end and a hook on the other with a few holes in the sling for the hook to go through. Not all will fit all guns.
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    Good information from TheGreenMan.

    I might add, keep the leather M95 sling you got from Jarda Rezác, his work is exceptional and his prices fair. You will need it eventually.

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    Yes, the "standard" Austrian-style M95 slings are designed to fit M95 rifles and stutzens, i.e., ones with bottom swivels. Jarda does also make the AH style carbine sling (special order, not on his website).

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