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    I saw this one among regular MNs on LGShow.
    Gave to the seller $250 as per the price tag and went home.
    The bore has gray doles, but strong , shiny rifling.
    Not counter-bored.
    The metal is really not bad except patina on bolt handle.
    All numbers match, but bolt has struck out numbers on the top and matching number on the side.
    The font on the side does not look modern, but the same as all the numbers.
    Is it possible it was re-match back then?

    No SA marks what is good.

    The stock on it all beaten up, but no cracks.
    It does not have cuts for the slings.
    Looks like was never sanded or varnished.
    Is it original for that time frame?

    The circle print on the side of the butt is really hard to read.
    Any idea what it is?

    This is the first MN that I see serial number on the stock.
    It is matching and font looks like the one everywhere else.
    The place for it is unusual: on the bottom of the butt, in the middle between trigger and butt plate.
    Anybody saw this before?

    Rear sight is in original units, not struck out.

    I read that M91s before 1908 did not have hand guards.
    So, is it wrong hand guard and rings for this rifle?

    It is missing cleaning rod and sling rings.
    Is there chance to find them as original?

    Any opinion on the rifle is appreciated.

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    more pics
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    The circular cartouche on the buttstock indicates that your rifle was captured and reissued by the Germans in WWI.

    Purists of the world, unite!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard in NY* View Post
    The circular cartouche on the buttstock indicates that your rifle was captured and reissued by the Germans in WWI.


    This is even more excitement that I already had!!!!
    Would not Germans put some markings on the metal too?

    This thread helped a lot and i found more markings that were not very visible after reading it.
    Looks like mine was done by the same folks.
    The way they renumbered bolt, font, manner looks the same.
    And butt plate has the same "K" and "5" , but "U" instead of "S".
    The old b-plate number is the same, so it looks like they just re-stamp the same number on the top or vice-versa.
    Stock is numbered exactly the same way.
    This explains Latin "W" + some fainted marks on the bolt head while letters on bolt side are Cyrillic.
    This is really cool!
    I get goosebumps when I see stuff like that.
    Thanks God Bubba never got hold of this gun!

    The wire sling hanger will be impossible to find, I think.

    Another thing is that I was not able to find any import markings in usual places (end of the barrel, sides of the receiver.)
    Could be a brought back.
    This baby is a really good find!
    I wonder what it value would be with all this "stuff"...
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    Small crown on the barrel shank is I believe, Serbia? So likely through three different hands atleast.

    Value wise? Easily 400+.

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    What crown?
    Trying to figure what it is....

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    You can see a small crown below the last two digits of the serial number, between that and where the receiver starts.

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    You have really good eyes!
    I needed magnifying glass to see that one of two dots is actually tiny crown.
    Is it Serbian?
    This rifle has so much history in it!
    With magnifying glass even more marking can be found.
    Even patina on bolt "ring" looks like some marks.
    What are they?
    Do you know what all the writings on the bolt are?
    It is like someone tried to write a novel there.
    I have never seen this before.
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    pretty sure that crown is serbian, id have to check the online resources. the markings on the bolt, the left one maybe be a manufacturing proof, the right one looks like the izhevsk bow and arrow.

    its a great gun, if you decide you dont want it, i could find room for it in my collection.

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    These are the markings I meant.
    1896 Tula and 1909 Izhevsk with matching bolts that I have do not show anything like this.
    This bolt is very rich on markings.
    They are all Cyrillic.
    Even what I saw as "W" first is "AM" with some number if you turn it over.
    Also, there is letter "C" on bolt safety knob.

    Any idea where to find those wire sling hangers?
    I can pull my connections in Russia if I have to...

    Original cleaning rod will not be easy too , I think.
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    i think those are all just early proof/inspection marks.

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    is this correct rod for this rifle?
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