Cetme muzzle brake to flash hider
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Thread: Cetme muzzle brake to flash hider

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    Default Cetme muzzle brake to flash hider

    I closely observed my brake & there is absolutely no pin, it almost looks like there is a kind of spline under the rim & I assume its a press on. How does one remove it?
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    There is no way to be certain that there is a pin or not as they are welded over, filled and then blued over to look smooth. I had to file away at the 6oclock possition for a while before I noticed the pin.

    After all that work I realized that they shortened my barrel and a CETME brake would not thread on since the threading was smaller and different. I had to have a new brake custom threaded by a machinist to fix the problem.

    Wish I never screwed around with the break.

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    I too found mine at 6 o'clock after filing for a while and then ended up having to use a Dremel with a cutting disc to finally get the brake off. I put the flashhider on and it does look better but the difference in recoil is significant and I wish I had left it as it was. The guys at the range like it better without the brake.

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    All the ones I've seen, including my own have been pinned at 6 o'clock near the rear of the brake. Mine was invisible till I ground about halfway through it with a dremel. I was afraid of getting into the barrel on mine with the grinder, so once I knew I was getting close I turned the gun back, right side up and gave the top of the brake a few careful sharp blows with a hammer at 12 o'clock - this should help drive the pin out, or at least make the pin more visible. If the pin comes out you can then hold the gun between you knees and put a thin screw driver through the brake’s holes to it twist off. That or as was already said, you can take a dremel with a cut off wheel and split it *most* of the way through (don’t get into the barrel), then try twisting it.

    I’d keep 2 things in mind:

    1) You probably have a sheet metal receiver, watch you don’t get too crazy (twisting and such) with it as you could screw it up.

    2) You could wind up being unlucky like me. I found after I took my brake off, my cetme was made with a new US barrel. These use a different thread than the standard cetme brakes or any brake made that I could find…an odd sized thread. That and Century wouldn’t sell me another like the one I had. I had to end up sending my whole gun to a cetme smith, having to have the barrel threads cut off, re-threaded, re-crowned and only then I could use the cetme brake. I’m still glad I did it, but it was a PITA in my case.

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