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    Seller is asking $650 for this Winchester 61 22lr S/N 2110XX. Receiver is smooth with no grooves. What do you guys think? I don't know much about these but I do have a 9422 and it's my favorite rifle by far. Thinking this will make a good companion...

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    They are a smooth shooting piece of machinery. There is more quality built into the butt plate than most entire guns today.

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    These are great little guns and the prices are going thru the roof. I just bought one recently and saw at least 20 at a large gun show; was able to get a very clean 1941 made example for only $500 because someone had drilled scope holes in the receiver. Since I was looking for a shooter I was very pleased and filled the holes with screw plugs. Comparable ones without this sort of desecration were about $900. Pictures don't tell a complete story but $650 for this one, similar to mine, sounds like a great price to me.

    PS. Looks like this one needs a rear sight elevator. Easy and cheap fix.

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    I had a 9422. Very good quality rifle, but, at the end of the day it is not a pre-'64. The model 61 is a high-quality pre-'64 Winchester.

    Yours is a mid-'50s rifle. I agree about the checkered steel butt plate. Very nice touch there. My dear departed Uncle made a favorable comment about metal butt plates in general shortly before he passed away.

    The price is fair. In the "good deal" range, based on high condition. The gun looks very clean and nice. Shooting wear looks very light, going by the appearance of the slide area. If you get hooked on pre-'64 Winchesters, as I have, you may eventually find that your 9422 is expendable. I know I would not hesitate for a second to trade for the 61 in question with any 9422, but I admit that it's a matter of taste.

    By the way, my Model 61 is a 1937 short-forend/octagonal barrel in .22 Rimfire.

    Good luck on your deal.

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    Looks good to me, and price is in the middle of what I see for Model 61s here in the Pine Curtain country. When one turns up at all..
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