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    Russian Rifle, Model ???, Caliber .22LR, Serial No. 6052. This single shot .22LR caliber rifle with heavy barrel, is marked with the letter "T", inside a circle (possibly Tula Arsenal Manufacture?) which is surrounded by a triangle, under which is the date, 1950. From all appearances, this is a single shot, target rifle as the rear leaf sight is graduated to 250 meters! There are two stock marks, one very small circle and a character under the rear butt plate. There are no other marks on the rifle, maybe an NKVD (forerunner of the KGB) "sanitized" rifle? The barrel is a heavy, "bull" type. Iron sights with a rear leaf type, graduated to 250 and post front. Stock is a reddish colored wood with a metal butt plate. One minor ding on stock while the bore is shiny with rifle having 99% original finish.

    I obtained this from a Korea war veteran who picked it up just after his unit over ran an enemy position. He supposed that it was to being used by a North Korean/Chinese/Russian soldier, who would sneak close to the American lines and shoot lone individuals, such as a GI carrying a bunch of canteens to be filled from a stream. He said that they unit had been warned by HQ. to never travel alone and always carry your rifle. I would have liked to gotten more of the story but he was rather sick when I bought the rifle from him and he passed away shortly there after. I was sorry I wasn't able to go back to speak with him further. In 1950 the "Cold War" was I full swing and there would have been no commercial trade between the US and USSR so the story about it being obtained in Korea tends to be a believable story.

    Does anyone know what rifle this would be or have any information about it. Any idea of its value? Appreciate any help.Click image for larger version.

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    Interesting rifle. I don't know a thing about it but it doesn't look very "military" to me. Maybe used for training and scrounging. I can see what looks like a toe splice on the stock. I'll be watching this thread. Thanks for posting!
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    Its a TOZ8, the model lasted a long time in production, I have one dated 1934, very good precision, if you look at the diameter it seems heavy, but I
    always though its made on a lighter metal, because it doesnt feel like the normal bull barrelled guns
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    Yes, looks Toz-8M. Made in Tula:

    Here is mine, made in 1976 (scope and rings installed here. Rifle has rails):
    I've trade it for Yugo Tokarev pistol, which cost me $139. in 2007. + Shipping and transfer (Toz-8M is not C&R).
    Rifle is not military. It's training rifle.
    I had training with such rifle in 9th grade year in school (in Soviet Union). Such training was mandatory.
    In my school (Leningrad) was 25 meters shooting range in basement.
    This is very good rifle. Don't sell it!
    Your more interesting then mine. Mine was imported (You see En on receiver ring. Imported by Century Arms International).
    I'd love to have Your.
    You can have Manual for this rifle here:

    Here some info about this rifle:
    It's on Russian, but You can translate it on Internet.

    "ТОЗ-8 и ТОЗ-8М - однозарядные винтовки под патрон кольцевого воспламенения калибра 5,6х16 мм
    Изображение ТОЗ-8 и ТОЗ-8М - однозарядные винтовки под патрон кольцевого воспламенения калибра 5,6х16 мм

    Однозарядная малокалиберная винтовка ТОЗ-8

    Малокалиберные винтовки тренировочного типа под патрон 5,6х16 мм кольцевого воспламенения. Старые спортивные модели 1932-1946 гг. Предназначены для начальной подготовки спортсменов, но на протяжении большого промежутка времени с успехом использовались охотниками-промысловиками (ТОЗ-8М) благодаря точному бою, простоте устройства и надежности.

    ТОЗ-8. Однозарядная спортивная винтовка конструкции Д.М.Кочетова с ударно-спусковым механизмом ударникового типа под патрон кольцевого воспламенения калибра 5,6х16 мм со свинцовой пулей весом 2,6 г. Ствол цилиндрической формы длиной 600-640 мм еще более толстый и тяжелый, чем у предыдущих образцов. Ствольная коробка с тыльной стороны закрыта крышкой, мушка цилиндрическая с удлиненным основанием. Затвор продольно-скользящий, запирание производится поворотом его стебля. Передняя часть затвора уменьшенного диаметра с насаженной муфтой, поворачивающейся при поворотах затвора. Предохранитель отсутствует. Березовая ложа имеет утолщенное широкое цевье и пистолетной формы шейку. Вес 3-4 кг.

    ТОЗ-8М. В 1934 году Тульским оружейным заводом выпущена малокалиберная винтовка модель 8А. Калибр, патрон и ствол такие же, как и для предыдущего образца. Данная винтовка выгодно отличается от ТОЗ-8 более совершенным прицелом секторного типа, допускающим быструю и точную установку по высоте. Мушка снабжена кольцевым намушником. Затвор малого диаметра и без муфты; он совершеннее затвора винтовки предыдущего образца, потому что не дает прорыва газов назад, но так же удобен при заряжании. Ложа со значительно утолщенным цевьем. Винтовка тяжелее предыдущего образца".
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    Good info, and neat find OP.

    I understand that you probably won't want to sell it....but if you do......I am just a PM away

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