G’Day folks,

I am hoping you may be able to assist me in understanding what scope I have in my possession. I know next to nothing about scopes and sniper rigs, so please bear with my ignorance. You may be able to provide a little cure. My attempts at research on German sniper scopes of WW2 have led to next to nothing of value. Unfortunately, there’s too many Bubbas that get to write ‘stuff’ on the web, hence my approach to a more knowledgeable forum.

I bought a “Kar 98k sniper” replica some time ago. Allegedly it was equipped with an “…Ebra 6x…” scope. Dimensions of the scope are:

Length 318mm
Objective Diameter 40mm
Ocular Diameter 33 mm
Body Diameter 26.5mm

The protective paint coating has been stripped and the underlying metal still coated with some type of clear lacquer or something. There is no marking on the exterior of the tube, or turret (other than “6x59”) to determine maker, user or instructions (such as range settings on elevation ring!) The knurled collar around the body, forward of the ocular lens does not rotate. I assume that was meant to focus the reticule?

My thought is that this is a replica scope, made wither in China or Ukraine.

What would you suggest I have here?

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.

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