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    Can anybody tell me where I can buy a barrel for my star model1922 9mm/.38. When I purchased this gun the guy told me it took .38 super well my new gunsmith told me I should have been using .38 acp. To much .38 super and I cracked my barrel.

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    Some years back Federal Ordnance (now out of business) had replacement barrels manufactured for the various Star and Astra weapons that Interarms was importing from Spain. There are a surprising number of these barrels still floating around, many in the original packaging. They usually trade in the $50-$75 range. With some patience you can find them on most of the on-line gun boards (including this one) as well as at local gun shows.

    In my experience you should expect to have to do some fitting to make most of these work correctly.

    I have not personally seen a Model A barrel in 9mm largo, only in 9mm para. However, I have heard that they are out there.

    Good Luck

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