Ok, so I managed to get the rifle (finally) along with a few accessories, only to find out the included bipod isn't the NHM91 style /heartbreak. Can't complain about the price for the whole package, but now I've gotta take the time to track down a proper bipod and get rid of the old one at the same time. That's where you, the loyal gunboards fanatic come in. I'm willing to offer this bipod that I don't need in a flat trade for the bipod I DO need. So here's the protocol: I pay my shipping, you pay your shipping, same as every other deal I've done through this site. I'll send pics on request because I haven't had time to deal with tracking down the camera and all the work it takes to get the pics uploaded, but I can make time if there is any interest in this offer. As always, we'll do this thing Caveat Emptor, but if something goes wrong or one of us makes a missrepresentation, that nixes the whole sale. Now that the legal crap is outta the way... hope to hear from yall soon.