Need large ring Mauser Mil-step barrel, 308,or 30-06,or 7x57mm
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Thread: Need large ring Mauser Mil-step barrel, 308,or 30-06,or 7x57mm

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    Default Need large ring Mauser Mil-step barrel, 308,or 30-06,or 7x57mm

    My Vz24 (7x57mm) with a 23.5 inch totally shot out...
    I need another to make this old gal shoot again...

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    Lothar Walthar makes new barrels in original military contours. They list the Mauser 98 contour but I'm not sure if it's the exact same as that of a Vz24.

    Sorry for bringing up the old thread.

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    Default cole distributing had Norwegian 308 barrels

    a year ago or so. I think they might have changed their name and are still be a sponsor. I am in the same position, and have a barrel, and haven't found a gunsmith here in Kenai who can get the job done before I die of old age or am eligible for Social Security.
    springfiled sporters has/had a Chilean trigger guard and follower converted to feed 7.62x51.

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    Default 98 Mauser barrel

    I may have something for your consideration. A new .30-06 caliber barrel made by or for the Norwegian military in the 1950's to rework their captured stocks of German 98k's. These were completely finished and chambered with a nicely blued exterior and a small crown proofmark. No sights as they intended to re-use the old ones. This is my last one. Another that was installed on my nephew's 98/09 went on without problems. Accuracy was as good as any commercial barrel. There seem to be some reasonably priced used 8x57s' on Gunbroker, but no .30-06 or 7x57. At 64, I doubt I'm going to need this one. $120, inc shipping postpaid from NM.

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