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    My uncle just found some WW2 eye glasses, the metal tin is field grey and marked "Masten- Brille". The frame is also dove grey in color and has 36 mm round lenses with narrow cloth bands to hold them on around the ears. The perscription card in the case reads:

    Name und Dienstgrad: Nikodemski, Felise . Loldat

    Trummenteil: Feldx. Nr. 10460 Datum: 28-8-40

    Mabe Der Brillenfassung: 6262 P.D.: 62

    Then is the Rx in plus cylinder form. (this part I can figure out since I am an optometrist)
    What I need help with the german translation.

    The card is stamped on the back in green ink the logo MR.OPTICIEN J.Roetzer Amsterdam-Zuid P.C. Hooftstraat 142A. (I think I will Google earth this address)

    In the bottom of the case is an extra set of cloth ribbons for around the ears and the instructions how to thread them on the frame. These are also in german.

    I dont know how this guy ever saw anything, he was very far sighted and had a lot of astigmatism.

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    Unless there is a date it are impossible to say when they were used. The German Army has used the same eyeglasses since before WW1 up until the 1980s. The ribbons are for wear with the gas mask so the case is probably marked "Masken- Brille" instead of "Masten- Brille". The ear pieces were interchangeable with the standard service glasses ("Dienst-Brille") and one frame could serve if necessary.

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    A quick translation:

    Name and rank: Nikodemski, Felise. Soldier
    Name und Dienstgrad: Nikodemski, Felise . Loldat (Must be Soldat)

    Unit (Feldx probably Feld expedition, but I don't know what that translates to in english. Feld=field)
    Trummenteil (Truppenteil): Feldx. Nr. 10460 Datum: 28-8-40

    Measure of the fittings for the glasses
    Mabe Der Brillenfassung: 6262 P.D.: 62

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