Field stripping a FEG AP-7 32acp pistol?
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Thread: Field stripping a FEG AP-7 32acp pistol?

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    Default Field stripping a FEG AP-7 32acp pistol?

    Can anyone tell me how my FEG AP7 32acp pistol breaks down? I recently purchased 2 of these pistols and they came with no instructions on this.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    If they are similar to the PP, PPK, and Makarov, you should be able to find instructions on the net.
    If so...
    1. Make sure the mag is out and the chamber is empty.
    2. Pull trigger guard down and lock to the side.
    3. Pull slide all the way back and lift up.
    4. Run slide forward and off the end of the barrel.
    That's it.
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    Default I would never have figured that out on my own.

    Thanks so much for the direction. It came apart exactly as you described.
    Rick G
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    here is a manual for a PA-63, basically the same as the AP7.65 except for the caliber, just another well built Walther PP clone

    more info on the gun:

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    Default Great info.

    I appreciate the links, especially the PA-63 manual. I printed me a copy of both. Thanks so much for the help.
    Rick G

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