Russian VS Chinese SKS accuracy compairison
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Thread: Russian VS Chinese SKS accuracy compairison

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    Default Russian VS Chinese SKS accuracy compairison

    This may be a stupid question, I have a Norinco Paratrooper and a reg. Norinco SKS, is there a big difference in accuracy between these?
    I havent shot the Para in about 8 years you should have seen what it did to that snapper sunning himself on the log WOW!! Just bought the other Norinco. He said he was getting 2" groups @ 100 yards..
    Also what distances are the rear sight adjustments
    I would suppose ammo has a lot to do with it but side by side what could I expect..
    I have never taken it to a range just plinked on the farm and around the fishing pond..
    What is the barrel twist is it the same? what about receivers..
    sorry for the dumb question I have always wanted a "REAL" SKS I think they are cool looking with a lot nicer wood and finish.
    thanks for reading.

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    I set mine at no 1 on the rear sight. Then shoot at 25 yds to adjust windage. Then go to 100 yds to adjust elev. Still set at no 1 on rear ramp. I prefer it to hit one inch high from pont of aim so bullet drops dead on the bullseye at 150 yds. And furhter drops 2 inches low at 200 yds. Since i only use it for close range , this is perfect for me. ANything within the 200 yds is within the killzone.
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    My para with iron sites using norinco yellow box ammo will shoot 1 1/2" groups at 100yds. Thats with the site ladder set all the way back on zero.

    My 20" barreled scoped norinco will shoot under 1" groups at 100yds till the dam crappy scopemount came loose but it seemed more like 1/2" groups as i turned the adjustment for the last time.

    I'm hoping to benchrest all my sks's and sight them in properly at the site ladder setting soon.

    We've been hoping for a shoot off between the different brands of sks's between us using the same shooters with the with the same ammo so we can compare the accuracy between them and which sks has the bragging rights. I'm going to use the yellow box norinco ammo in all of them.

    food for thought;

    Now my swede m96 mauser is dead on at 100yds with the sight ladder all the way back too.

    While my other big bore military guns shoot high at 100yds about 2" to 4" seem to be the norm.

    I hate snappers.
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