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  1. Mate, thanks for the heads- up. The scope isn't of much value to me. The best hope for a decent price would be Hugh- Valleysniper- as he's got a few and always chasing bits. I think he added to the thread... I'll look through my notes and see if anyone else I know might be interested. Let me know when it's being advertised, just in case I need to pass on the info.
  2. G'day Brad,

    How are things? Mate that scope I posted pics of the other day is going to be advertised very shortly, so I thought I'd let you know incase you or anyone you may know might be interested. It's not mine and it has no connection to me but I've been trying to buy a few enfield bits off this bloke and we discovered it. I'd like to see it go to the right individual. Not sure of the price. I've told him because it's missing some parts it may be worth a few hundred bucks, but he's been ringing around so I'm not sure. Anyway I can give you his details if you want them, just let me know.

  3. Mate- your PM box is still full so I had to stick this here...

    Check out this link-

    please let me know once you've done it.
  4. Your PM box is full, so I stuck this here just in case you see it in time.....
    here's a link to a pretty good 1921 Lithgow bayonet on fleabay. It's in the uS but the bloke will post here. serial # A76351. Ends in a couple of hours...
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