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    Default Bolt disassembly help

    I just got a nice 1905 MK II Ross Rifle and was wondering if anybody knew how to disassemble the bolt.

    I can remove the extractor and that's all.

    Unlike the 1910 Model, the cocking piece is blind pinned to the striker; so no luck there.

    If I could find some .303, i'd take her out and run a few rounds through her.



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    Not a good idea.
    Three ways to reassemble
    1, the right way
    2, the way th bolt will close but not lock
    3. The bolt will close and stay that way.
    They were pinned to keep squaddies from taking them apart.
    I accidently took one apart. Made absolutely SURE that the bolthead turned and locked when fitting it back:eek:

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    John is correct: Ross bolts are best left alone. Dis-assembly is fairly easy, re-assembly is VERY tricky and IT MUST BE CORRECT!!! Otherwise you have a rifle that shoots projectiles forward and backward at the same time. Not good for the shooter.

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    Default MK2/1905 bolt disassembly

    The Ross Rifle Book shows that some of the later MK2's had the cocking piece pinned to the firing pin. Mine does not. The pin you see may be the one that keeps the firing pin from turning (unscrewing) when the rifle is in use. It doesn't go through the bolt, it just rests on a flat in the firing pin proper when the cocking piece is inside the bolt sleeve. To disassemble, turn the bolt head so it moves up against the bolt sleeve. This takes tension off the firing pin spring. Pull the cocking piece back enough to clear the bolt sleeve and unscrew. The bolt head and firing pin assembly will now come easily out the front of the bolt sleeve. Further dis-assembly is straight forward. To reassemble the bolt head, I will quote from the 1907 Handbook." Enter the bolt head into the front of the bolt sleeve with the largest bolt lug upwards. Push the bolt in as far as possible, then continung the pressure give the bolt a right handed twist until the spirals on the bolt take the corresponding grooves in the bolt sleeve and the bolt head comes against the front of the sleeve. Pull the bolt head slowly forward and at the same time try to give the bolt a right handed twist. As soon as the bolt turns slightly, push the bolt head back against the end of the sleeve. (When assembled correctly the gas escape hole in the bolt head should be underneath.)" You can't assemble the Mk2 1905 bolt incorrectly, it won't go back into the rifle if you do. The 1910 Mk III was the one with the potential problem, not the 1905 MkII. You have a very strong, safe, probably very accurate, fine rifle. Congrat's

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