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    Default Springfield Sporters closed for good

    Went to the website today to see if maybe he had opened up the store this summer. Had this note on the webpage:

    "Thank you for visiting! Century Arms is proud to announce the acquisition of Springfield Sporters. We are excited to soon offer all formerly available products as well as new, rare parts and accessories, all of which has been in storage for decades. We would like to sincerely thank Russell and the entire Rodgers family, for their lifelong devotion to the surplus business. We will strive to continue the Rodgers family legacy by offering the same authentic surplus product Springfield Sporters has become known for.

    Thank you for your patience!"

    Not sureif this is a good thing or not, but hopefully they will honor his prices and deals. Always had a great selection and fair prices in my opinion. Not sure how long it will take them to do inventory and post the parts to the Century website.

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    I'm looking for pre-war Yugoslav Mauser bolt number 36455. If you have it, let me know! I'll pay a finder's fee on top of the selling price.

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    An interesting note to Century buying out Springfield Sporters. If I remember the time line correctly, in the late 1990's, Russell purchased a large inventory of older surplus from Century. A large number of Russian K98 and some other Mausers as well as a pile of Berthier rifles and carbines. At the time, I spent a number of days helping sort out the Mausers by country, there were a lot of Czech, Greek, etc., that had been captured by the Russians. There were crates of rifles and crates of bolts. it was a real process to match them, in the end I don't know if the job was ever completed. Seemed Century was short on funds and figured SS to bail them out. Interesting how the world goes round.

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