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    I have a friend interested in joining me for vintage sniper matches, but he does not have a qualifying scoped rifle. My knowledge is limited primarily to '03 Springfields but getting him set up with one is looking to be prohibitively expensive. I know next to nothing about Mausers, but it seems the Swedish Mauser in 6.5 x 55 is a really good option. But, I looked for the permitted "M41" and they are essentially unavailable. All I really see are M96.

    Am I missing something here? What I mean is, if in my ignorance went searching for a M1903-A4 Springfield, I wouldn't find one of those either. There are instead, primarily '03-A3's with scopes on them and they "qualify" as '03-A4's. So, (insert ignorance here) how can I get him a qualifying M41? Does putting a scope on an M96 work like the Springfield example?

    Just a little help please. If only to direct me to some docs for research?
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    Wow, tough crowd here. I don't have the information you asked for, hope you found someplace else to get it. Good Luck.

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    Go to CMP forums, log / register in and hit the ASK CMP forum. Get answers from the source.

    Yes, rules are sideways. You can't make a clone K31 sniper with a after market scope but you can put a Weaver K2.5 on a 03a3 and PRESTO CHANGEO , its a 03A4 in terms of sniper competition. Lunacy but hear it from them.

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    I have two early vintage bear cubs in boxs looking Slightly used.
    thought I’d use them someday build up a mock-up.
    Copy of Nearly the same as kollmorgans used in ww2, little later..2 powers?
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