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    Default Tula '41 SVT-40 Info Needed

    Just picked up this SVT-40 and took it all the way down. No Import Markings and from what my untrained eye can tell, the serial numbers match sans magazine. I am no expert on fonts, placement, etc.

    Stock clearly has been sanded, but the matching serial is still visible, bolt carrier has possibly been cleaned up over time, steel wool maybe, doesn't look like grinding to me. No evidence of purple or red bluing. Barrel band is early type correct for Tula '41, muzzle brake is early type correct for tula '41, safety is early type with a hole and tula marked, trigger guard is early type not widened and rear sight leaf is early type grooved correct for spring '41 tula. Stock is early type narrow. Ton of the small parts are Tula Star marked, not sure if that's correct or not.

    Bore legitimately looks like a mirror with very sharp rifling. Bluing is thinning on the receiver, making me think its not a unmarked Finnish Capture.

    To me this looks like its a magazine mismatch non-import "GI Bring Back," but anyone with more knowledge than me care to chime in.

    PICTURES: https://imgur.com/a/pZFDzQ1
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    I'm no expert but that is a fine non refurbed SVT...

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    Is the import mark very small and behind the stock on the left or right side of the receiver? I have a 1940 Tula who's import mark is hidden by the stock. I think it is below the stock in this area. Either side. I don't have access to my rifle.
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    I have to take it out of the stock to check, but there is nothing visble on the rail with the stock on. Let me see what I can do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abalducci View Post
    Bluing is thinning on the receiver, making me think its not a unmarked Finnish Capture.
    I'm curious as to why you think thinning blue on the receiver makes it not a unmarked Finn capture? It looks a lot like both I have, one of which has no SA stamp, if it wasn't for the enlarged 2 marked hole in the gas regulator I'd never have made a Finnish connection to it at all.

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    I was going off of the resource here https://www.m9130.info/svt-40 which is the base of my knowledge admittedly. They do mention the Finns rebluing the receivers and that original condition will show thinning. Upon closer inspection the gas key is marked 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.5, 1.7 with no 2 in place of 1.1. Which might disqualify it being Finnish, but like I said my base of knowledge is pretty narrow.

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    My main concern at the moment is with the bolt and carrier. I've really looked it over more now and it looks like the whole thing was refinished/polished. Which now makes me wonder if the numbers could be humped on it. Trigger guard looks good, but anyone with more expertise can tell if the bolt numbers were possibly renumbered? The font looks ok and the placement is correct, even being slightly offset on the carrier, going off the examples of ИГ prefixes I've seen online, but I am no expert here obviously.
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    Serials you see are factory applied, nothing to worry here. Two set of fonts is normal on this rifle. Bolt and carrier had been chemically cleaned it seems, ruining natural patina. Stock is sanded / stripped but it looks like serial could be original too.

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