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    I have a 1927/1927 91/30 that has some Finn like marks but not in the usual locations. First off it has no SA or 41. But it has the D, but the D is further down the barrel below the wood line. The D appears like the other Finn's I've seen, but I've never seen any missing any barrel shank marks. Bore is also tighter than most Mosin's I've come across and comes out at .310. Are there Finn's that aren't very marked? No Finn cartouches on the stock, a single repair of a gouge that appears very well done. Other than stamps are their any other features that set the Finn 91/30's apart?

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    Without pictures it's difficult to say what you have for sure. I've never personally seen a Finnish used rifle with the D stamp under the woodline.

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    What he said above! Bill
    zeebill live from the hills of West Virginia!

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