Type 26 with holster and original ammunition
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Thread: Type 26 with holster and original ammunition

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    Default Type 26 with holster and original ammunition

    A typical Type 26 revolver with most of the finish worn away, but still mechanically sound. Came with two original rounds of 9x22R which is pretty neat. I think that the pistol was manufactured right before WW1, but I'm not completely sure.
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    Nice Type 26 rig !

    I'd like to get a Type 26 in the near future.

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    Nice rig! Word of caution from my experience though for what it’s worth...I have a Type 26 rig as well with a dozen original 9mm rounds. I decided to store the rounds in the holster/ammo slots (like you have pictured), but during a routine gun cleaning day about 6 months later found that the rounds had developed severe verdigris (green gunk). Took a lot of gentle cleaning to revive them. If you plan to keep the rounds in the holster I’d check them every so often to make sure they stay clean.

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