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    Default 310 cadet barrel leading issue

    Hi all, I have a small problem with the bullets I have been casting for my cadet. I'm new to casting and this is my first go at making any lead bullets. I'm using a HT Bugg mould which throws a bullet sized at .318 and weighs 136gn. I'm using only wheel weights and a blended lube consisting of approximately 45% Alox, 45% Glitz floor polish which has bee's wax and the rest of mineral turps. This mixture does dry pretty clear and very fast. I double lube each bullet and it can easily be felt as I load each bullet. I'm using 4.5gns of Winchester WSF and I guess gives around 1100 fps (not chrono'd) My problem is that I'm getting a small amount of leading in the first inch of the barrel, no where else. The barrel was a new in the wrap BSA barrel I fitted myself. It's quite a tight barrel, so leaves me wondering. Should I change powder to WST? Can anyone please give me some advice?

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    .Id also add some MoS2 to your lube ,this cures a multitude of problems,a pinch of filler (wheat bran) is a big help too ,seals the gases behind the bullet......your BSA barrel likely has a .321" groove too,so your bullets are probably too small(pinch of filler will cure this).IMHO ,the only cadet barrels that are 316 groove are the early 1908 ones ,all the later are 321...All the replacement barrels were purposely ordered with .0055" deep rifling because the early ones were considered to have worn out prematurely (with the 003 deep grooves).

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    i have only ever used lee liquid alox lube for .310 and .32-20 with no leading using 4 grains of AS30. no unburnt powder either.

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