On July 13 Rifleman016 contacted me about a book I have for sale. He said he wanted the book but asked if "I could do better" on the
price. I replied that he could make an offer which I would consider. Rifleman016 did so, and I accepted his offer and gave him my contact
information. On July 17 he contacted me and asked for my address again, which I promptly sent him.
On the 25th I emailed him asking if there was a problem on his end of this deal. The mail can be slow but he is located only one state away
and felt that eight days was ample time for a letter to reach me.
There was no response to that email and there has been no communication from Rifleman016 of any sort, though I see that he is on the Forum
selling some items himself.
I conclude that Rifleman016's word is not to be trusted. Don't count on a "I'll take it" from him.