Hungarian AK63D AMMS correct receiver markings
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Thread: Hungarian AK63D AMMS correct receiver markings

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    Default Hungarian AK63D AMMS correct receiver markings

    I recently picked up 2 Hungarian AK63D underfolder kits. Most pieces of the receiver are missing. Does anyone know what markings would have been on it? I have been looking at 80%'s from Childers Guns and they have a lot of options for receiver engravings. Google search isnt bringing up much. Trying to build them as authentic as possible.


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    looking at my book on AK47 & KALASHNIKOV VARIATIONS by Masami Tokoi. serial number consist of 2 letters and 4 digit serial number ie. EA0066, that is the SN that the picture showed. the selector markings is a infinity symbol for auto (sideways 8) and a 1 for semi auto. no other stampings other then those are on the receiver

    BTW if you don't know, auto is the first click down from safe, semi is the last click

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