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    Mornin' y'all. i havn't been here in several years. just bought a Gras M74 carbine( prob artillery as it has a bayonet lug) 1877 on bbl below sight. not M80 marked. need some parts- firing pin, spring , firing pin nut and cleaning rod. located a cocking piece at numrich arms. bbl is in bad need of cleaning but lands and grooves seem to be somewhat sharp. been in a cpl of local pawn shops for many years.
    any leads for parts?
    thanks in advance

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    courtesy of Kelt a few years back: "A Remington 700 firing pin spring cut in half makes two perfect replacement "light" springs for Gras Berthiers and Lebels." I used one to make my Gras carbine work again.
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    Have a spare firing pin nut

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