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    I started writing down stuff as I remembered years ago.
    Also checked in with the guys that were there with me to help verify.
    Note: TT was our cook and she ran the Villa we lived in. (Good to be in the AF)


    I remember having BLT's for lunch every day. I don't eat BLT'S to this day.
    Scott remembers we had split pea soup every day for lunch.
    ( I don't remember that at all)
    What did we usually have for breakfast? Did we have breakfast?
    I kind of remember supper meals. That was a daily quest trading for food.
    TT and her quest to find some chicken to make southern fried chicken for us. She brought some in the market. The birds had long necks, They were not chicken, but we ate them.
    I remember the C and K rations we got by the pallet.
    TT Using beer for cooking when we were short of potable water.
    (Sometimes we got beer by the pallet for cooking when they could not get potable water to us.)
    I remember we got the meal in the bag from the SF group a few times ( Shrimp and rice) and the LRRP's meals in the bag.
    I remember making coffee one time after pulling guard duty all night. I had never made coffee before. I didn't drink coffee. Chris would not let me make coffee after that.
    Any one remember the gunny sack of peanuts that the USO girl gave us when one came to Cam LY in a Huey? There were peanut shells every where. Papa San was pissed for days cleaning up the peanut shells.
    I remember trading some SKS rifles ( maybe it was AK's) at Na Trang for a pallet of mixed nuts in 1 gallon cans.
    I had to write this rambling down while I could remember it.
    Sometimes I think I am just remembering some things wrong.
    If any of you remember it different that is OK with me, just post how you remember it.
    If any of you remember something that may or may not be correct then just post it.
    Some one may remember it. ( or not)
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    So you've been to Cam ly Areoport.

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