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    Default Dating Izhevsk Stocks: A Guide

    This question keeps coming up, so I am posting this in a separate thread. Below is my most up to date research on dating Izhevsk rifle and carbine stocks. This is all from memory, so hopefully I haven't forgotten anything or made any dumb mistakes.

    Stock inspection: All stocks were stamped with an acceptance stamp in the form of two letters in a circle (likely the initials of the GAU representative responsible for inspecting and accepting the rifles for service or someone equally important). These inspectors came and went over the years.

    1920s: Not enough examples, stock roundel is a very large Soviet crest
    1930-1935: Not enough examples, ФЛ observed on some stocks
    1936-1938: ГВ
    1939: ГВ (early), MA/MК? (mid), АМ (late)
    1940: АМ (early), ГЛ (??), ПП (mid/late)
    1941: ПП, БФ (very late)
    1942: АП
    1943: АП (early/mid), ОГ (mid/late), ИЛ? (very late?)
    1944: ИЛ
    1945: ИЛ? (very early?), ОГ (mid/late)
    1946: ОГ**
    1947-1948: ОЦ**
    ** I don't care about post-war stuff, so this may or may not be 100% correct.

    Note: A small inspection on the left side of the barrel will match the stock inspection until mid 1943 when the barrel inspection was dropped.

    In 1945, an additional inspection was added to the stock next to the sling slot. Its a large diamond with "NЕС1" (many other numbers are seen). This stamp is found on all stocks from 1945 until the end of production, so we can distinguish early/mid 1945 stock with no liners and ОГ inspection from a 1943 stock. The 'N' is not a Cyrillic letter, so it is likely an abbreviated "№". The "EC" is apparently some sort of quality control group at No.74, so "NEC1" is the acceptance stamp of "EC" inspector No.1.

    Roundels: The РСФСР roundel was used from sometime in the late 20s or early 30s until mid-1937 when it was replaced with the CCCP roundel. Original stocks from the 1920s have a very large Soviet crest stamped on them. I have only ever observed two such examples (dated 1926).

    Escutcheons: Front/Rear screwed until 1941, half liner front/rear screwed for a short period in late 1941, half liner front/rear none 1942-1944. M44 received full escutcheons in late 1945. Snipers received front/rear half liners from 1942 or 1943 though early 1944 (occasionally seen on regular rifles also). Full escutcheons front/rear on snipers from mid-1944 until end of production.

    Barrel Band Notch: Introduced in 1939 or 1940 but deleted in late 1941. The notches are short and round and slightly larger than cutouts found on Tula stocks. The large oblong notches are post-war.

    Important Note: These inspections apply to M38/M44 carbines, but they do not apply to Factory No.74 SVT38/40.

    1939: ?
    1940: TC
    1941: ТС (early/mid), БФ (mid/late)

    Data on this is incomplete. Unsanded matching Izhevsk SVT38/40s are very tough to find, and when found are usually SVT40s from 1941.
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