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Thread: Non-Swedish Rifles in 6.5X55

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    Krag has a left hand thread,mauser is right hand....however the job is sometimes done by machining and bushing .As to the other question,they are the same,and any other small ring barrel will also fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gil View Post
    Those beautiful silky smooth actioned Norwegian Krags also. I have a 1912 carbine with sadly sporterized wood.
    I recently had a numbers matching 1900 Norwegian Krag follow me home. It too has been sporterized but is still a dandy little rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vmax204 View Post
    I spent some time and got the twist rate figured out (1 - 8 1/2). Do you recall the bases that will fit? The bases that were on the rifle when I got it were canted to the right so I can't imagine them being the proper ones.

    Hi Vmax,
    I recently got a Voere HDF Titan II for 6.5x55 cartridge and am about to reload with 140 gr. Nosler bullets. Very few info I can find regarding to this particular gun. Will you be able share some more details of it other than the barrel twist (it's indeed very helpful)? Thank you!

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    Owned titan 2 in 7mag.. Double set trigger ( redone by klingunther.)
    Same time owned melor in 223....groups only commercial rounds..
    military opening groups to unexpected very poor results.

    I collect at one time, owned may voere’s ..Troyl 3000, 2150, 2165 few others.

    I did shoot and owned many Almost new ones..
    never as accurate as Husqvarna and more ammo finicky!
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